Tell us about yourself

My name is Sara and I live in Devon with my husband, three children and our two dogs. In 2015 we sold our family farm and moved to the outskirts of Exeter overlooking the beautiful Exe estuary. So, following amazing and varied careers in oil, muck and ink, I am now embracing the opportunity to pursue my passion in floral design - particularly floral engineering.


How did you get into floral design?

I have always enjoyed picking flowers from the garden to decorate the house and our holiday cottages. After enrolling in local floristry courses, I discovered my natural creativity and zest for nature and decided to start selling my designs at art fairs and pop-up events. Driven partly by desire to differentiate my business from traditional florists I have increasingly focused on the design and construction of display platforms for floral arrangement.  I work primarily in sustainable materials - wire, wood and glass.  To me, the vessel is just as important as the floral arrangement and the environment it sits in.  I love the thought that my customers are getting as much enjoyment and reward from using my designs to showcase their love of flowers too.  


Why the name Frog and Florets?

One of the tools that florists use is called a frog which has great green credentials and I am committed to using both renewable and recyclable products within my work - Frog and Florets is a foam-free environment. I also source a lot of my foliage, seed-heads and flowers from my own cutting garden and want to show others how much they can get out of their own garden.

What is your favourite flower?

I don’t have a favourite flower but I do love flowers that are multi-faceted such as Nigella (Love in the Mist) whose seed head is just as exciting as the exquisite flower and looks great both alive and dead.  To me, the foliage, twigs and vessel are just as important, and create both 'lift' and a natural feel to the display.  


Where do you get your inspiration?

My main source is nature itself and a lot of my work includes twigs and grasses which are readily found all around us and provide a more organic look to my designs. I am keen that we support local British flower growers and produce arrangements that are both accessible and affordable.