6 Uncrackable eggs in assorted egg shell stone colours. These eggs are smooth and cool to the touch with small tiny imperfections just like a bird's egg. These eggs are not just for Easter and can be used as decorative features or make them your own - paint a face, table settings, colour match your decor, hide them in the garden, roll them down the bank, egg and spoon race .. the list is endless.

Great for the home and garden and as a fun Easter gift that will still be there long after the chocolate and crackable eggs!  The clutch of eggs come in a recycled egg box within a strong postal box where necessary. 

A Clutch of Eggs

  • The Eggs  are solid, robust ornaments and look great on any surface. They  stand up  and look great alone or in multiples.

    Keep clean with a damp cloth.  Not suitable for the dishwasher due to the chemicals in the dishwasher powder.