Candle Bowls

Candle Bowls


Gorgeous smelling and practical, these wax filled stoneware bowls are a perfect addition to  homeware.  Celebrating the speckled stone effect with their wide brim and deep filled  scented candle they make a lovely addition to any home.  The house scent is Lime, Basil & Manadarin - a delicious fresh citrus aroma - a flavour concoction put together by Jo Malone and we also offer replacement scented wax bowls.   

  • Product Info

    The bowls are approx 17 - 18 cm wide & 4 - 5cm high with a wide speckled stone brim.   The inner cavity is filled with scented soya wax & wick.  

    All the stoneware is handmade and each piece is unique with variable sizes and weights.   They are smooth to the touch and some surfaces will be grinded/sanded to achieve the desired effect.  Suitable for indoor & outdoor use and are strong in design and compostion. They can be handwashed & left to air dry.