A great addition to any garden, this striking board game not only looks good but is such fun to play for all ages. We've combined the stone board base with a choice of 'cannon balls' and 'sand castles' - perfect for small and large hands and built to last!  Even the British weather won't stop this ancient game. To get started, select your preferred board base colour, the opposing teams and their colours.  Really hope you enjoy this game - just another great excuse to be out in the Great Outdoors !


  • The board and components are all designed for playing outdoors.  All the boards have sanded bases  so they can be used on any surface, but would suggest using a table cloth or similar if playing on a precious surface.  It is also possible to add a felt layer to the base if  playing indoors. 

    Keep clean with a damp cloth.  Not suitable for the dishwasher due to the chemicals in the dishwasher powder .