A lovely gift for the potting shed - full of promise and gardening joy.  The GROW letter box consists of three Throw & Grow 'Summer Picking' seed packs and four inspiring stone letters.  Thrilled to be adding Throw & Grow seeds to the collection - courtesy of @Greenacreflowers. These little packs of seeds contain 19 gorgeous Summer annuals - including Aster, Calendula, Cornflower, Cosmos, Marigold and Zinnia.  A lovely gift for anyone who loves their garden; from pots, window boxes, hanging baskets and flower beds.  

Grow Letter Box


    • All the Stone ware items can be hand-washed and left to air dry, or simply wiped with a clean cloth. Dishwashing is not recommended due to the chemicals in the dishwasher tablets. These are not suitable for young children and should be treated as ornaments, albeit they are solid, sturdy structures.
    • Store the labelled seed  packets  in an airtight container with some desiccant to remove excess moisture. Suitable materials include calcium chloride (sold in DIY stores for use in dehumidifiers) or silica gel.


    • Seeds stored in a refrigerator should be placed near the back of the fridge where they will be less exposed to temperature fluctuations from opening and closing the door. Storing seeds in the freezer will provide seeds with more consistent temperatures than refrigerator storage.