'A hug is an amazing thing. Its just the perfect way to show the love we're feeling but can't find the words to say.'- Johnny Ray Ryder.

Right now, hugging is something we're all missing and its important, because hugging releases opiods and oxytocins which make us all feel good.  Whether its the Welsh Cwtch, or Irish Borrag; just write your Hug  word in the comment box - prices start from £8 for 3  letters  up-to £14 for a max of 8 letters.  Every Hug is packed into a little gift box with the option of a gift message.  And for extra sensory delight, all the letters are scented with Christmas Tree essential oil, adding gorgeous scent to the box too. .

'I just hugged you in my thoughts. I hope you felt it .' - Rosa Perry

Hugging Matters

PriceFrom £8.00
  • All the Stone ware items can be hand-washed and left to air dry, or simply wiped with a clean cloth.  Dishwashing is not recommended due to the chemicals in the dishwasher tablets.

    These are not suitable for young children and should be treated as ornaments, albeit they are solid, sturdy structures.