Hand-made soap dish with gorgeous smelling hand made soap and scented scatter stars make a delightful but practical gift.  These come packed in a sturdy Letterbox, wrapped in festive paper and personalised gift tag.  These sleek, modern soap dishes  will look fabulous in  bathrooms, kitchens and cloakrooms.  Available in all 5 colour options, these make great gifts and house warming presents. 


The three little Scatter Stars come either as mixed colours or single colour and are available scented or un-scented.  The scented Stars are hand-painted with White Christmas essential oil - a delicious light and fresh scent, with top notes of raspberry, green leaf and orange, middle notes of clove, pine and herbal and a caramel, woody base.


Choose from 5 different guest soap bars to complete the gift.  These lovely hand-made natural soaps are made locally in Devon by Soap Daze - another great little Devon business.





Letterbox Soap Dish

Soap Dish Colour
Stars Scented
Star Colours
Soap Choice
  • The Soap Dishes can be immersed in water for cleaning purposes and left to dry naturally. The dishwasher is not recommended due to the acidic chemicals in the cleaning materials. The base of the soap dish is smooth and therefore suitable for any surface. 

    The stars  are solid, robust ornaments and look great on any surface. They can stand up, lie down, balance on each other and look great alone or in multiples.