Let's play! Designed for outdoor living, this traditional game loved by old and young - is perfect for family get togethers and even the British weather  won't stop play.  Each set comes with a stone-ware base and 5 Noughts and 5 Crosses.Just select your preferred stone base colour to go with the 10 assorted stone-coloured Noughts and Crosses;and you're ready to play - let the games begin!

Noughts and Crosses

  • The board and components are all designed for playing outdoors.  All the boards have sanded bases  so they can be used on any surface, but would suggest using a table cloth or similar if playing on a precious surface.  It is also possible to add a felt layer to the base if  playing indoors. 

    Keep clean with a damp cloth.  Not suitable for the dishwasher due to the chemicals in the dishwasher powder .