Dual purpose - these laboratory glass flasks can be used for floral decor or as a vessel for heating essential oils.  The wire tea light holder is flexible so can be positioned closer to the glass flask to warm up the oils and create gorgeous room-smelling scents. Chunky wooden base so reminscent of the old school lab work bench.

Oil Diffuser

  • Both the glass flask and tea light are removable from their wire supports and can be replaced with ease.  The glass flask can either be handwashed or put in the dishwasher.  Both the tea light and the 50ml flask can be easily replaced. The wooden base is felt-bottomed to avoid any scratching and will look great on any surface.

    Please do not move the oil diffuser when the tea light is lit so as to avoid any wax/oil spillage and never leave a burning flame unattended. Also do not remove the glass flask until completely cool to avoid any burning. Please take care.