Understated and simple, but a lovely addition to any kitchen, breakfast bar and dining table - inside and out.  A pair of hand-crafted practical stoneware mini pots that work great as a pair but also complement the rest of the Stoneware Collection. Available in 6 natural stone colours, the question is how many do you need? Also lovely as a small house warming gift.


We have now added the option of lids, either as flat top or with an Alabaster White star embedded in the lid. These lids are not air tight but you can stack the pinch pots with the flat lids. Ideally, its best to order the lids at the same time as your Pinch Pots.  Dark grey lids are currently not available.

Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots

  • The pinch pots can be immersed in water for cleaning purposes and left to dry naturally. The dishwasher is not recommended due to the acidic chemicals in the cleaning materials. The base of the pinch pot  is smooth and therefore suitable to use on any surface.