Hand made, in small batches, these gorgeous stone -based circular vases available in all the stone colour palette are perfect for outdoor living and understated ambience. Just like the moon, the outside shell is smooth with a crater-like topping. For sheer beauty, add some simple blooms to the 3 glass tubes - the Yin and the Yang. Why not add our Throw and Grow 'Summer Picking' seed pack as an extra treat. 

Stoneware half moon

  • This  comes with its own specialist equipment - a syringe for filling the tubes and for topping up  water levels.  Plus a brush for maintaining cleanliness right to the bottom of the tube.

    All the glass tubes are removable and can either be handwashed or put in the dishwasher to ensure clear bright glass. The tubes are also replaceable.

    Always pick up by the base and avoid lifting by the wires