Strike A Match

Strike A Match

SKU: 0001

No chance of losing this match box!  Sturdy and strong, this stoneware  cube is perfect for bringing both warmth and light to your home.  Also comes with a starter pack of extra long safety matches, scented stone stars and hand-printed gift tag.  Great for lighting fires, BBQ'S, fire pits and candles indoors and outdoors. .  Available in natural soft stone colour palette with the front side covered in match striker paper.   We also provide a replacement Matchpaper service so your Matchbox is definitely here for the long term and it won't go disappearing in someone's pocket either!  We haven't come up with a solution for the wet weather yet,; so please don't leave your matches in the rain. 


    Strike A Match is approx 7cm wide by 6cm high and has a circular hole with a max width of 4cm at the top , depth of 4.5 cm.  They weigh approx 500g.   Each Strike A Match is indvidually made and is unique in colour and finish and is made from a variable mix of sands, stones & cement mixes.  The match striker paper is the same material as used on all matchboxes, and the paper has a friction material containing phosphorus. The paper works with both ordinary & safety matches. Match paper hates the damp, so please keep dry. 

    All the stone ware is handmade and each piece is unique with variable sizes and weights.   They are smooth to the touch and some surfaces will be grinded/sanded to achieve the desired effect.  Suitable for indoor & outdoor use and are strong in design and compostion. They can be handwashed & left to air dry. 


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