No chance of losing this match box!  Sturdy and strong, these 4-holed rustic cubes are perfect for bringing both warmth and light to your home.  Not just for lighting the fire and your candle collection; these Strike A Match will stand out by the fire pit, BBQ and outdoor candles.  Available in natural soft stone colour palette, each  Strike A Match comes with either the side or base covered in match striker paper, just make your selection in the comment box.  We also provide  a starter pack of extra long matches; so you can get to use your new flame-tool immediately.  We also provide a replacement Matchpaper service so your Matchbox is definitely here for the long term and it won't go disappearing in someone's pocket either!  We haven't come up with a solution for the wet weather yet,; so please don't leave your matches in the rain. 


Strike A Match

  • Both the matches & the match striker paper should always be kept dry..  If you need to clean the Strike A Match, wipe all the surfaces except the match striker side with a damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth.

    Please keep the Strike A Match away from children as it is both a heavy object and to avoid children playing with matches. 

    The match strike paper can be replaced when worn.