This Christmas Card is a bee friendly, plantable wild meadow seed card, and we are simply buzzzing about it.  Its the perfect card/gift for anyone who loves nature and wants to give something back. Rather than recycling, simple plant the card in compost in a pot or in the ground. Then keep moist and wait for germination and then enjoy the flowers and all the buzzing nature that follows. The instructions are on the back of the seeded card and comes with a recycled envelope. Available in single or pack & box combinations.  You can also now purchase packs of plantable seeded gift tags. Why not add the Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree gift or an Elevation vase for showcasing lovely wild meadow flowers and so much  more. We also now have our very own Throw and Grow Summer Picking seed packet to add to the Bee-friendly mix!

The Bee Christmas Card

Pack Options
  • Follow the instructions on the back of the card for successful planting, but just like Mother Nature, 100% germination cannot be guaranteed.