These dinky 9cm stoneware vases look fab both inside and outside the home.  The vases come in  2 different shapes; the Cylinder or the Taper and look great either on their own or in clusters.  Primarily desiged for holding small dried flower arrangements,  you can also use them for small fresh flower snippets.  If using fresh flowers, there may be some exterior water evaporation through the stone so do use a coaster or mat if on a precious surface.  They are sturdy little vases and so great for using in your outdoor living space.  They also come in a cute little box; making them a lovely gift too.

The Dinky Vase

  • These stoneware vases are primarily designed for dried flower displays.  However, it is possible to use them for fresh flowers but there will be water evaporation through the stone casing and the surface can feel cold and damp to the touch but will revert to its dry state.  Do keep the water level topped up to ensure a longer lasting display.  Do use a protective coaster or tablecloth if placed on a protective surface, especially if using water.   Can be hand-washed and air dried.