The classic vase shape in soft sun-bleached stone colours is the perfect partner for dried flowers, seedheads and twigs.  Hand -made in small batches, each vase has its own character with tiny imperfections and colour depth; so reminscent of ancient civilisations and gorgeous warm summers. These are a beautiful addition to any home and a great house warming gift.

The Full Pint Vase

  • These stoneware vases are best suited to dried displays but can also be used with fresh flowers and water.  There will be some water absorption through the stone casing.  The exterior may feel cold and damp and will darken in colour but revert to its normal dry state as the water evaporates.   The vase can be placed on any surface but advise using a coaster or tablecloth if placed on a precious surface and when using water.  The vase can be handwashed and air dried.