This is so made for showcasing stunning flower heads.  From brilliant bright dahlias to clematis montana to daisies and dandelion heads; this sculpture is reminiscent of magnificent magnolia trees with their giant flower heads.  Solid wooden base hewn from redundant fencing stakes provides the perfect support for the Wire Tree, with twisted metal wires supporting 9 mini vials.  A great stand alone piece - but also looks magnificent running down the centre of a celebration table; and you can still see eachother across the table !

The Wire Tree

  • Every Wire Tree comes with its own specialist equipment - a mini- syringe for filling the tubes and for topping up  water levels.  Plus a brush for maintaining cleanliness right to the bottom of the tube.

    All the glass tubes are removable and can either be handwashed or put in the dishwasher to ensure clear bright glass. The tubes are also replaceable.

    The wooden base is felt -bottomed to avoid any scratching and looks good on any surface