Pile of Golden Jewelry

The Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter

A whole range of specially designed bespoke pieces and  re-purposed homeware items - to create the perfect backdrop to your jewellery collection. Available in White, Soft Grey, Biscuit, Blush, Mushroom and Dusky Pink stoneware palette. If you are looking for a range of items and or bespoke items, please get in contact direct so we can develop your range together. 


Ring Cones

A pyramid cone with a flattened top is a great alternative spot for showcasing rings.  More details on the range & sizes of ring cones will follow shortly. 


Colour Choices

All the stoneware mixes are made from hand using a mix of concrete mixes, stone and sand mixes.  The finish is determined by the different coloured sands and concrete mixes.  Smoother finishes are achieved through silicon moulds whereas the wooden moulds create more contrast. Final sanding and finishing may also reveal more stone details.


Bespoke Design

Through collaboration, we can create and design a bespoke display stand perfect for showcasing your gorgeous creations. For example, this bespoke Step Stand model was created for @mriramelizabethuk. and has 4 step levels with a flat top and solid base.  The hand made wooden frame gives a more rustic finish than would be achieved through a silicon-based mould.  


Square dish

Mushroom coloured square stone dish suitable for an array of jewellery items.  This is available either as square soap dish with or without holes - please specify when placing your order. 



From creating a whole collection, to one or two pieces - its always a delight to work with such talented makers - with particular thanks to Milly Maunder Designs and Miriam Elizabeth UK.  Through working together, we all grow!


If you'd like to create your own unique pieces, please get in touch with me